Chateau La Napoule

Once upon a time…

There’s not much about Marie and Henry Clews (Jr.) available on the Internet. The couple that bought the “Chateau of La Napoule” back in 1916 seems to be quite a white spot on Wikipedia. I tried to collect some of the few things about this interesting artists:

The introduction by Mancha Madison Clews to his mother’s memories Once upon a time (French)

There’s a website of the Clews family (Henry and Marie’s great-grand children) snodoglog and a page about the death of Mancha Madison Clews.

The website of the Chateau La Napoule.

I guess that this financier Henry Clews (1836–1923) is the father of Henry Clews Jr. (the artist)? He wrote Fifty Years In Wall Street.

An article about Henry Clews Jr at sienese shredder.

There’s more about Henry Clews sister on wikipedia.

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